I Believe (part 3) I Believe in Life Everlasting

Mike Pennington

Welcome to Evangel! I'm so glad that you have joined us. My prayer is that you would encounter Jesus today in a fresh way. I was reading in Mark 5 about a women who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years. She had been suffering and was desperate for a solution. Could Jesus be the answer? The answer to this question came with a challenge; she would need to have courage to wade through a crowd to get to him. In this case the crowd was made up of those who shunned her, called her unclean, marginalized her and pushed her to the side. She would have to push through all of that. She would have to have faith in Jesus and who He said he was. In our life the crowd will always have its arguments as to why we should stay away from Jesus, but not one of them is worth missing Him for. That woman pushed on. And so should we. As she pushed through the crowd, came near Jesus and touched Him, she discovered 2 things:

1. Genuine faith always gets Jesus attention. Understand that Jesus can tell the difference between the half-hearted and the truly hungry heart that pushes through the pain, problems, and pressures and touches Him in faith. Many in that crowd would have pushed up against Jesus that day, but He only pointed one person out.

2. Jesus called her daughter. Imagine how she would have felt. When was the last time she heard comforting words? With Jesus, she wasn’t just a face in the crowd, she was a daughter!

You are not just a face in the crowd today. You are a son or daughter, and your issue is not too big (or too small) for Jesus. Be encouraged today to have faith, push through, reach out to Him, touch Him and be made whole!

Bless you.